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My one and only balance concern: Tanks.

Posted in General with tags , , , , on September 11, 2008 by Ullric

Most of you know by now that two tanks were cut from release, The Knight of the Burning Sun(Empire) and the Blackguard(Dark Elf). While this change does not affect Destruction balance because they have two very cool tanks in the Chosen and Black Orc, Order definately gets the shaft.

While the Ironbreaker and Swordmaster are both very viable, useful, and downright fun classes to play, they just lack a certain coolness about them that is hurting Order. I’ve played countless scenarios in every pairing, and while a few of them contained a fair number of Order tanks, most of the time Order had at most 1. This has led to Order losing almost every scenario i’ve been a part of. The scenarios Order won all had one thing in common: at least 2-3 ironbreakers or swordmasters were present.

Most of you will say that my opinion on the coolness factor of the Ironbreaker and Swordmaster isn’t necessarily held by most people, but from what I’ve observed so far, I’m not far off the truth. This is certainly concerning, at least until KOTBS is put back into the game. MMO players want a large, plate wearing, shield bearing monster and Dwarfs and Elves do not satisfy this.

Mythic is I’m sure aware of this, so I’m just basically pointing out this fact to all of the Order guilds out there. Definately make sure at least some of your players are going IB/SM so that your keep sieges and scenarios don’t end in frustration.