Open beta early tomorrow for us in preview weekend!

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I’m really excited. For those of us in preview weekend, open beta is starting at 12 tomorrow.

From the herald, WAR is Coming and the world is ready. Hundreds of thousands of players will descend upon the Age of Reckoning this Sunday, September 7th. 

In order to make this world-wide event the best it can be we’re welcoming all Preview Weekend attendees back for two more days to rev things up and get the party started. We invite all Preview Weekend players to join us for Preview Weekend+ this Friday, 9/5 and Saturday, 9/6 starting tomorrow morning.

This epic weekend will be one to remember as you herald in Open Beta and the Age of Reckoning to the entire world!

The tides of WAR are coming…we’ll see you on the battlefiled!

I’m pretty sure they just want a few people to focus test this weekend to get all the gamebreaking bugs totally ironed out before a MASSIVE amount of people come in Sunday. I think this is a great idea, especially since i get to play earlier than expected. See you ingame!



Mark Jacobs has a new blog, talks about one of my heroes Curt Schilling.

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So I was surfing the Warhammer community sites and found a link to mark jacobs’ blog. In it he talks about how Curt Schilling said some nice things about the Warhammer cinematic. In case you didn’t know, Curt Schilling is a world champion major league baseball player with a penchant for mmos. Curt Schilling basically single handedly led the Boston Red Sox to a world series title with one bloody sock and some hard work. And oh by the way, in his spare time he raids in WoW.  That’s so cool on so many levels.


Ok, back to Mark Jacobs. He is the lead designer for Warhammer as I’m sure you know. And he has a blog? Where i can comment? Mark Jacobs, and basically everyone at Mythic, has this strange habit of actually talking to the community on a consistant basis. This makes me think that Warhammer is going to be a long lasting, fufilling game.

If you want to be good at RVR, read lots of Sun Tzu.

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The Art of War by Sun Tzu is a classic text on military strategy, oft quoted and and oft misunderstood. Basically it’s a list of axioms by the famed Chinese general that can be applied to almost any situation to some extent. The main reason I mention this book is a lot of what is mentioned in it can be applied to RVR in Warhammer.

Take, for instance, line 18. It says, “All warfare is based on deception.” If this sounds kind of like common sense to you, then you are correct. But you would be r to find out how few the people are that actually have common sense. Always strike where the enemy least expects to be hit. If order suspects you are going to take a keep in Reikland, go to Ulthuan. Destruction camping the entrance to your keep? Peel some of them away by using a small force as bait to give your larger force an easier time. 

Use terrain to your advantage. “The clever combatant imposes his will on the enemy, but does not allow the enemy’s will to be imposed on him.” If my memory serves me correctly, trees and such actually block line of site in this game, and players have collision detection. This greatly increases the tactical implications of a battle because you can actually form lines. The enemy will have to flank you from a disadvantaged position such as from below.

“Maneuvering with an army is advantageous; with an undisciplined multitude, most dangerous.” Always make sure you and your team are working at an optimal level of communication. It pains me to still hear of people who aren’t using ventrilo or some form of voice communication to pvp with. Also, don’t be a pansy. Speak up in Vent. If you see a big group of bright wizards blowing the crap out of your team, please kindly point it out.

“The general who thoroughly understands the advantages that accompany variation of tactics knows how to handle his troops.” Never fight your enemy the same way twice. An enemy that expects what is coming from you is an enemy that has already defeated you. Be unpredictable. Franklin D. Roosevelt was so unpredictable during World War II that he didn’t decide to land in Normandy during D-Day until 24 hours before for fear of the Germans finding out. He basically fooled even himself. That is what i call unpredictable.

Well there you have it. I’ve given you a few excerpts from the Amazing Art of War by general Tzu. If you have heard all this before, I congratulate you on being so well versed. If not, be sure to read the full text and I’m sure you will find a few ideas popping into your head for the next time you face your enemies on the battlefield.

Use your open beta time wisely.

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To save yourself some grief down the road, I reccomend trying your hardest to get into open beta. Come release, you aren’t going to have time to pick the class that fits you best. You are going to feel pressured to choose fast so your guildmates or friends do not outlevel you.

This is where open beta comes in. Generally, I can tell whether a certain class is going to be my style within the first few levels of play.  Since I’ve played through the CE closed beta and preview weekend, I’ve come to the conclusion that I will probably really enjoy the Bright Wizard, the Iron Breaker, the Sorceress, and the Shaman. Each class just had a certain Je ne sais quoi that drew me in. Now i have open beta to decide out of these 4 which is going to be my main.

Open beta is your friend. Use it to your full advantage and you won’t find yourself with a lvl 27 archmage wondering why you aren’t having any fun healing.

Welcome to realm vs. realm, the blog for pvpers by pvpers.

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This is my introductory post so I shall keep it short and sweet. I am Ullric, and I have been playing MMORPGS pretty much constantly for 10 years. Anything you can think of, and some things you can’t think of I’ve probably played. For the last 4 years, off and on, I have been a WoW addict. It’s time i broke the addiction.

I’m sure you can tell by the title of my blog that I’m going to be focusing alot on the RVR aspect of Warhammer Online. Most blogs seem to be general Warhammer news sites, but you and I are about to get closely aquainted with killing, maiming, and pretty much destroying the opposing faction.

As the game moves through launch and into the near future, expect commentary, advice, and random tidbits about RVR. Here is a bit of advice to get you started: If it’s red, it’s dead. 

Happy hunting, whatever species that may be, and I’ll see you shortly.