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Launch server lists are up!

Posted in General with tags , on September 11, 2008 by Ullric

If you want to see which servers are going to be there for the live game headstart, head on over to the herald and take a look! Apparently, we are getting 4 server types: Core, Open RVR, RP, and Rp/Open RVR.


My one and only balance concern: Tanks.

Posted in General with tags , , , , on September 11, 2008 by Ullric

Most of you know by now that two tanks were cut from release, The Knight of the Burning Sun(Empire) and the Blackguard(Dark Elf). While this change does not affect Destruction balance because they have two very cool tanks in the Chosen and Black Orc, Order definately gets the shaft.

While the Ironbreaker and Swordmaster are both very viable, useful, and downright fun classes to play, they just lack a certain coolness about them that is hurting Order. I’ve played countless scenarios in every pairing, and while a few of them contained a fair number of Order tanks, most of the time Order had at most 1. This has led to Order losing almost every scenario i’ve been a part of. The scenarios Order won all had one thing in common: at least 2-3 ironbreakers or swordmasters were present.

Most of you will say that my opinion on the coolness factor of the Ironbreaker and Swordmaster isn’t necessarily held by most people, but from what I’ve observed so far, I’m not far off the truth. This is certainly concerning, at least until KOTBS is put back into the game. MMO players want a large, plate wearing, shield bearing monster and Dwarfs and Elves do not satisfy this.

Mythic is I’m sure aware of this, so I’m just basically pointing out this fact to all of the Order guilds out there. Definately make sure at least some of your players are going IB/SM so that your keep sieges and scenarios don’t end in frustration.

Massively’s World of Warcraft player’s guide to Warhammer: For those of you waffling between the two.

Posted in General with tags , , , , on September 10, 2008 by Ullric

Massively has written a very excellent article basically comparing World of Warcraft to Warhammer and judging by the tone of the article, Warhammer comes off looking great. I definitely agree with most of what they said about the two games and the similarities they share. I also feel that they were right to spend the most time on PVP and point out the fact that this is Warhammer’s big advantage over WoW.

Definately head on over to Massively and check this article out.

Apparently Mark Jacobs agrees with me on the GOA situation.

Posted in General with tags , , , , on September 8, 2008 by Ullric

Here are a few excerpts from Mr. Jacobs’ blog about IainC from GOA: “I have read IainC’s post on the situation and I have just communicated to GOA my thoughts on it.  I’ll simply say this, I do not agree with what he said, I do not support what he said and his comments were, in my opinion, way out of line.”

Mark, I’m totally with you on the fact that a customer service rep should never, ever, no matter what the situation, call out a customer on any wrongdoing. That stuff can be taken care of through a different avenue, like forum mods. What IanC wrote was unprofessional in the highest sense of the meaning. His post has basically taken what was a crappy situation and turned into the biggest flame post I’ve ever witnessed in all of my time on any forum in history.

Now I’m not defending any of the death threats, racial epithets, or downright mean posts; but there are just better ways to take care of forum trolls.

In case you were wondering, here is a link to IainC’s post in its entirety.

GOA: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Posted in General with tags , , , , on September 8, 2008 by Ullric

Well, I could pretty much see this coming from a mile away. Never expect something to work when 200,000+ people are trying their hardest to use it. GOA dropped the ball pretty far considering their European fanbase predicted this exact situation for weeks and GOA did nothing about it.

Their arrogance over the situation is what is causing all the anger and frustration. Saying that you “know that your servers can handle this” and that”open beta is our game launch day so we are going to make sure everything turns out great” then not delivering is a bigtime customer service fiasko.

Some of the posts on the Warhammer Alliance forums were quite in the heat of the moment, and not a lot of human beings are rational under such situations. That’s the reason some states have crimes of passion laws. MMO gamers are a different breed. We put our hearts and souls into the games we play, and its at least forseeable that some people could react very negatively to such utter arrogance on the part of GOA.

And then things took on a whole other level of incompetence from the cms at GOA: ” A lot of what was said yesterday here and on other forums was entirely out of line. Of course you were disappointed and criticism is certainly warranted but frankly many of the posts made about the situation were borderline sociopathic. If having delayed access to a beta test really drives you to such depths of anger and fury that you felt compelled to make the death threats, racial slurs and other deeply unpleasant posts then – and there is no polite way to put this – there is something wrong with you.”

I’m sorry, but no matter what a PAYING CUSTOMER says on a forum, you do not call them out for it. GOA, you are not going to win in this matter. Just shut up, and do your jobs. I really feel for my European Warhammer buddies that are going to have to put up with this over the course of the entire lifespan of Warhammer. It’s almost as if Warhammer – NA and Warhammer – EU are different games.

Mythic may need to seriously rethink their relationship with GOA going forward. If blizzard can self publish in Europe, why can’t (EA)Mythic?

The WAR resource system.

Posted in General with tags , , , , on September 5, 2008 by Ullric

Warhammer’s resource system is by far one of the biggest changes that I will experience coming from WOW. Mana in that game, and to a larger extent in most games is a non-renewable resource as far as combat is concerned. Action points on the other hand are like the hydrogen fuel cell of MMOs.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say many people will be shocked at how fun combat can be when you are not worried about running out of something. Combat in Warhammer just makes me feel powerful no matter what class I am playing.

As far as pvp is concerned, this could lead to very entertaining protracted keep sieges because none of the healers are going to be running out of a finite resource. It’s going to take skill and forethought to dislodge a realm from a keep, and I for one am looking forward to tackling this.

Anyone feel different? I would love your comments.

Open beta early tomorrow for us in preview weekend!

Posted in General with tags , on September 5, 2008 by Ullric

I’m really excited. For those of us in preview weekend, open beta is starting at 12 tomorrow.

From the herald, WAR is Coming and the world is ready. Hundreds of thousands of players will descend upon the Age of Reckoning this Sunday, September 7th. 

In order to make this world-wide event the best it can be we’re welcoming all Preview Weekend attendees back for two more days to rev things up and get the party started. We invite all Preview Weekend players to join us for Preview Weekend+ this Friday, 9/5 and Saturday, 9/6 starting tomorrow morning.

This epic weekend will be one to remember as you herald in Open Beta and the Age of Reckoning to the entire world!

The tides of WAR are coming…we’ll see you on the battlefiled!

I’m pretty sure they just want a few people to focus test this weekend to get all the gamebreaking bugs totally ironed out before a MASSIVE amount of people come in Sunday. I think this is a great idea, especially since i get to play earlier than expected. See you ingame!