GOA: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Well, I could pretty much see this coming from a mile away. Never expect something to work when 200,000+ people are trying their hardest to use it. GOA dropped the ball pretty far considering their European fanbase predicted this exact situation for weeks and GOA did nothing about it.

Their arrogance over the situation is what is causing all the anger and frustration. Saying that you “know that your servers can handle this” and that”open beta is our game launch day so we are going to make sure everything turns out great” then not delivering is a bigtime customer service fiasko.

Some of the posts on the Warhammer Alliance forums were quite in the heat of the moment, and not a lot of human beings are rational under such situations. That’s the reason some states have crimes of passion laws. MMO gamers are a different breed. We put our hearts and souls into the games we play, and its at least forseeable that some people could react very negatively to such utter arrogance on the part of GOA.

And then things took on a whole other level of incompetence from the cms at GOA: ” A lot of what was said yesterday here and on other forums was entirely out of line. Of course you were disappointed and criticism is certainly warranted but frankly many of the posts made about the situation were borderline sociopathic. If having delayed access to a beta test really drives you to such depths of anger and fury that you felt compelled to make the death threats, racial slurs and other deeply unpleasant posts then – and there is no polite way to put this – there is something wrong with you.”

I’m sorry, but no matter what a PAYING CUSTOMER says on a forum, you do not call them out for it. GOA, you are not going to win in this matter. Just shut up, and do your jobs. I really feel for my European Warhammer buddies that are going to have to put up with this over the course of the entire lifespan of Warhammer. It’s almost as if Warhammer – NA and Warhammer – EU are different games.

Mythic may need to seriously rethink their relationship with GOA going forward. If blizzard can self publish in Europe, why can’t (EA)Mythic?


3 Responses to “GOA: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.”

  1. I’m sorry, but I disagree that paying customers can make death threats and racial slurs with impunity. If problems accessing a game make you want to kill someone then there IS something wrong with you and you should seek help for your anger management issues. Do GOA customers have a right to be upset? Yes, of course they do. Do they have the right to threaten peoples’ lives? Not in my book.

  2. I am not implying that it is ok to make death threats and such, I am saying that these people need to ignore such comments and let the mods at warhammer alliance deal with the issue. Also, forum posts are to be taken with a grain of salt most of the time. Devs have to have thicker skin than a normal person, it goes with the territory. What Ian said serves no purpose other than to alienate more customers.

  3. I am in europe and lets start with saying i dont agree with deathtreaths at all.

    i was one of the “lucky” people who was trying Sunday, Monday and tuesday to get in.
    Tuesday i was lucky…my wife wasnt.

    She could get in on friday..for just one hour…its patch day now.
    They said patch was gonna last 1 hour. its lasting 5 alrdy…and they just posted that they have no idea how long it gonna be.

    She payed for 7 days open beta…so far she got 1 hour.

    In my book thats stealing and verry verry verry verry bad custumor handling.
    GOA lies…and doesnt do what they say they should be doing.

    Tomorrow we gonna get money back for the beta keys.

    I played with Mythic in DAoC for years.
    The moment we understood that GOA gonna do this we started to send letters to mythic about it.
    For 2 years we warned them…they laughed at us.

    Now they can turn Warhammer online into a new thing.
    Call it Warhammer the age of 414.

    Never ever seen such a bad beta ever…and i have been in a few.
    Next convention WAR has in europe they can prepare.
    They can prepare for a real WAR.

    All over Euorpe gamers will go to them and tell the press there what happens.
    I wonder if they will put that in a nice movie on you tube.

    I hope Mythic fixes this…

    Alrdy we fear sunday…
    Americans can alrdy sign in 7 days…in europe we get…nothing…just a list of servers.
    GOA in my book means crappy company.

    We will retrun WAR to the shops.
    I call on all european players to do the same.
    Then buy the American version.

    In DAoC players turned back on GOA…i expect same here.

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