Welcome to realm vs. realm, the blog for pvpers by pvpers.

This is my introductory post so I shall keep it short and sweet. I am Ullric, and I have been playing MMORPGS pretty much constantly for 10 years. Anything you can think of, and some things you can’t think of I’ve probably played. For the last 4 years, off and on, I have been a WoW addict. It’s time i broke the addiction.

I’m sure you can tell by the title of my blog that I’m going to be focusing alot on the RVR aspect of Warhammer Online. Most blogs seem to be general Warhammer news sites, but you and I are about to get closely aquainted with killing, maiming, and pretty much destroying the opposing faction.

As the game moves through launch and into the near future, expect commentary, advice, and random tidbits about RVR. Here is a bit of advice to get you started: If it’s red, it’s dead. 

Happy hunting, whatever species that may be, and I’ll see you shortly.


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