Mark Jacobs has a new blog, talks about one of my heroes Curt Schilling.

So I was surfing the Warhammer community sites and found a link to mark jacobs’ blog. In it he talks about how Curt Schilling said some nice things about the Warhammer cinematic. In case you didn’t know, Curt Schilling is a world champion major league baseball player with a penchant for mmos. Curt Schilling basically single handedly led the Boston Red Sox to a world series title with one bloody sock and some hard work. And oh by the way, in his spare time he raids in WoW.  That’s so cool on so many levels.


Ok, back to Mark Jacobs. He is the lead designer for Warhammer as I’m sure you know. And he has a blog? Where i can comment? Mark Jacobs, and basically everyone at Mythic, has this strange habit of actually talking to the community on a consistant basis. This makes me think that Warhammer is going to be a long lasting, fufilling game.


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